Shanghai Golf is a fun social game everyone can learn to play, it is faster and less strenuous than traditional golf and can be played at any time in all weather conditions. This game is played with a purpose built Shanghai (which launches the ball), a Putter, Safety Glasses and is played on Approved Golf Courses.

YES… a golf game that anyone can play using our specially designed Shanghai and a Putter.

Just launch the golf ball forward and keep launching it until you are on the green and then use your putter to get the ball into the hole, count up all your shots and putts to give you a score for the hole.

There is absolutely no need for any special fitness levels or any special sporting skills and there are no age or gender barriers. There is no heavy clubs or bag to carry or pull around the golf course, you can play walking or in a golf cart, you can play in all weather conditions and even night time.

This game is non-stressful, fun, therapeutic, achievable and very cost effective to play once set up.

SAFETY –  In order to play Shanghai Golf you will be required to complete a Shanghai Golf Orientation brief and sign a liability waiver.

Group shot